Program 1; 6 Days 5 Nights Chiang Mai-Pai-Maehongson-Maesariang-Maesot-Sukhothai Trip

Day 1: Chgiang Mai-Pai
Leave hotel at 8.00 am journey north to Mok Fah waterfall, Then drive Pong Dued Hotspring the biggest Geyser in Thailand and you can enjoy walking along the short nature trail. Lunch will bee served at the local restaurant, Pai memorial bridge, Pai Canyon is beautiful view in the evening for the sunset. Pai night market is incredible.

Day 2: Pai-Maehongson
Leave hotel at 8.00 am heading up to Wat Nam Hu the holy water from the Buddha, Ban Santichon the Chinese community village for winter morning hot tea. Then drive up and down hill for hour to Tham Nam Lod the most beautiful that filled with stalactites Stalagmites before heading to Wat Doi kong Moo the land mark of Maehongson, A nice cup of Coffee before sunset great option.
Hotel in Maehongson.

Day 3: Maehingson-Maesariang
Leave hotel at 8.00 am to scan the Maehongson local market in the middle
of town, Wat Jong Kam/Jong Klang are also in town, Ban Huai Due, Karen/Shan village for long tail Boat to the Longneck village, Then leave Maehongson to Khun Yuam, Maelanoi where is the Crystal cave, 400 million years old ( October-May) before heading to Maesariang.
Hotel in Maesariang.

Day 4: Maesariang-Maesot
Leave Hotel in the morning. Drive along the west part of Thai- Burmar Border. ( Let’s see how safe at that time to go along the border line, on the way we will see and visit some of tribes villages and Refugee camp,
Maesot the most westhern border town of Thai land next to Burma, and you can see the biggest Burmese people group in Thailand. Rim Meoi local market is nice to visit.
Hotel in Maesot.

Day 5: Maesot-Tak-Sukhothai
Leave hotel in the morning jour ney to Tak, on the way we will pass The Migic Hill, Muser Tribe roadside market is interesting to see. Lunch will be served at the local restaurant in Tak. Then travel to Sukhothai the world heritage city and explore the area of Sukhothai.
Hotel in Sukhothai.

Day 6: Sukhothai- Chiang Mai/ Day trip
Leave hotel at 8.00 am to visit Sukhothai historical park, inside the area you will visit Wat Mahathat the main temple, Wat Sri Sawai the Hindo Kmae styleal and wat Sasi ,etc, The one you won’t miss, it’s is Wat Sri Chum the big buddha image before leaving sukhothai, Lunch will be served at the local restaurant on the way to Lampang, Wat Prathat Lampang Luang is most important temple of Lampang and heading to Chiangmai the capital of Lanna Kingdom in the evening.
Hotel in Chiang Mai.

Relax until time to transfer to Sukhothai Airport/Bus /Train. > Sukhothai-Chiang Mai/ Sukhothai-Ayutthaya-Chanchanaburi-Bangkok (Tour Options)

– Car, Gasoline, English speaking Driver/guide.
– 6 Lunch/ Drink-water in car.
– 5 Nights 1 double room/breakfast;(Pai/Maehongson/Maesariang/Maesot/Sukhothai)
– All admission fees along programs.
– Private Tour service.

– All hotel in Chiang Mai.
– All Dinner & Drinks.

Price; xxxxx baht for 2 people

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